Profile of Hirokazu Fujii

As a young boy, Hirokazu played Koto(13 strings) under the supervision of his mother Kunie Fumii and his grandmother Keiko Abe who is a founder of Ginmeikai School. Later, Hirokazu was given Sangen (three strings) instruction from his grandmother.

1983 Graduated from Tokyo University of The Arts in Japanese Classic Music

1985 Received Master Degree from Tokyo University of The Arts

1986 Selected as a recipient of an NHK grant.

The Treasury of International Culture Exchange Program invited Hirokazu to participate in a concert tour which visited New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C, Seattle, Minneapolis, Dallas and Honolulu as well as Vancouver, BC, .

1988-1999 Numerous concert tours were performed throughout Europe including Vienna, Warsaw, Geneva, Madrid, Seville, Cologne and Dusseldorf.

1993 During the period of 1993 to 2003 he performed the Hirokazu Fujii’s Koto & Jiuta Concert 13 times.

1995-1996 Taught at Takasaki Jr. College of The Arts.

1997 First-Year Memorial Concert performed with his mother Kunie Fujii for his late grandmother Keiko Abe.

2000-2001 Performed with Tamasaburo Bando’s Special Tour throughout Japan.

2002 Performed the first “Sanraku-Kai” mother-son-daughter performance at the National Theater of Japan in Tokyo.

In March 2002 Hirokazu began organizing the first of 21 live concerts of “Jiuta-no-kai” and has subsequently released a CD album “Hirokazu Fujii’s Sangen” recorded by Victor Records.

2003 Performed the second “Sanraku-kai” at the National Theater of Japan in Tokyo

2004 For the 9th Recital of the Jiuta Concert, Hirokazu received the Debut Award from the Office of Culture of Japan at the National Arts Festival

2005 Hirokazu opened the concert at the Nihonbashi Performance Center which celebrated his 40th year of performing and his 20th year of teaching at the center.

2006 In May, Hirokazu opened the concert to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Ginmeikai School and it was officially announced, at that time, that he would became the third Iemoto (head) of Ginmeikai School.

2007 For his 12th Recital at the National Arts Festival he received Best Performer’s Award from the Office of Culture of Japan.

2008 In April, Hirokazu opened the concert given in the memory of his late grandmother, Keiko Abe’s 13th anniversary and his late mother, Kunie Fujii’s 3rd anniversary. It was then announced officially that he would become Chairman of Ginmeika School.
Today, Hirokazu is appraised highly for his various performances on TV and FM radio. He teaches in eight cities and performs Kyushu Regional Jiuta. He now holds the positions of Chairman of Ginmekai School, Councilor of Japan Sankyoku Association, and is an Assistant Director of the Ikuta School.
For more Information:

Please contact Hirokazu at or 03-3713-1801